Wang PERCUMA !!! berbelanja menggunakan kad OUB One card.

Memang susah nak percaya !!! saya berbelanja menggunakan kad OUB One card... dapat  rebate jer... kira ok la dari x dapat langsung kan..hehehe !!!

What is a SMART$?
SMART Dollar (SMART$), is a unique instant cash rebate programme only applicable to UOB Credit or Debit Cards. Every 1 (one) SMART$ earned is equivalent to RM1. SMART$ is as good as cash!

Who is eligible to receive UOB SMART$ Rebates?
All UOB Credit Cardmembers except UOB Corporate and Private Label Cards can receive SMART$ Rebates and enjoy the promotions that come with the Programme.

How do I earn SMART$ Rebates?
Just look for the SMART$ logo at participating SMART$ merchants’ outlets when you are out shopping. Swipe your UOB Card at any of these SMART$ merchant outlets to earn SMART$!

Alternatively, you can log on to to find the updated list of participating SMART$ Merchants.

How can I check the status and amount of my UOB SMART$ Rebates?
The summary of the SMART$ Rebates earned, redeemed, expired and balance can be viewed in your monthly UOB Credit Card Statement.
The latest amount earned, redeemed and balance is also shown on the transaction receipt from the SMART$ merchant where you make a purchase or transaction.
Alternatively, you can call your respective 24-hour UOB call centres at:
§  Kuala Lumpur: +6 03-26128 121
§  Penang: +6 04-2401 121
§  Johor Bahru: +6 07-2881 121
§  Kuching: +6 082-287 121
§  Kota Kinabalu: +6 088-477 121
What is the validity period for earned UOB SMART$ Rebates?
The validity period for each SMART$ earned is 12 months from the transaction date and at the end of every quarter, that is 31st March, 30th June, 30th September or 31st December. 
Example 1
If you earned 10 (ten) SMART$ on the 18th January 2014 at BHPetrol, the expiry date will be on the 31st March 2015.
Example 2
If you earned 5 (five) SMART$ on the 8th April 2014 at Sushi Tei, the expiry date will be on the 30th June 2015.

Do I still earn UNIRinggit Rewards Points when I spend at the UOB SMART$ merchants?
No, you will only earn SMART$ Rebates.

How can I redeem my UOB SMART$ Rebates for my purchases?
You may redeem them at any of the participating SMART$ merchants’ outlets when you make your next purchase. Simply present your UOB Credit or Debit Card that carries the SMART$ Rebates balance and inform the cashier of your intention to redeem.

For purchase amount that exceeds the balance of your available UOB SMART$ Rebates, you will need to pay the remaining amount, after the deduction of the UOB SMART$ Rebates, with your UOB Credit or Debit Card. This additional amount will also earn you the appropriate UOB SMART$ Rebates from the SMART$ merchant.

Can I exchange my UOB SMART$ Rebates for cash or other items of value?
No. They are not exchangeable for cash or any other items of value. The redemption can only be made to knock-off the purchase value equivalent to the balance of the SMART$ Rebates available in your UOB Credit or Debit Card account.
However you can call up our 24-hour UOB Call Centre to offset your GST with your existing SMART$ Rebates.

Can my UOB SMART$ Rebates be transferred or combined?

No. They cannot be transferred or combined to other UOB Credit or Debit Card accounts.

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